Fire Sprinkler Systems

Automatic Fire Protection, Inc. stands as a comprehensive and licensed fire sprinkler enterprise, diligently serving a myriad of residential, commercial, and industrial structures throughout the expansive Texas region, safeguarding both assets and lives.

Our expertise encompasses a spectrum of vital services, from the resolution of violations to the administration of certified inspections spanning semi-annual, annual, and 5-year intervals.

Evidencing our commitment to excellence, we maintain two dedicated divisions: one focused on the seamless installation of novel sprinkler systems, and another poised to adeptly manage repairs, testing, inspections, and the rectification of violations. Moreover, our all-encompassing approach extends to the meticulous inspection and maintenance of fire extinguishers.

Our reach extends across pivotal areas, encompassing San Angelo, Dallas, and San Antonio, allowing us to serve and secure a diverse array of locales. Partner with us, and experience the assurance of top-tier fire protection services that remain unmatched in both scope and dedication.